Broken Apple device?

Why choose us?

We have been specializing in Apple device repairs for many years and we have repaired a large number of Apple devices with our own hands. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to offer very high quality and succeed where others fail.

We follow the motto: 'Where authorized service providers ends, our work begins.' We perform both standard services (such as screen and battery replacements) and sophisticated tasks, such as motherboard repairs, data recovery from water-damaged devices and other repairs that authorized service providers cannot offer.

We stand by the principle that not everyone can know everything. Therefore, we have specialized technicians for Apple iPhone & iPad, Macbook & iMac computers, and Apple Watch. This allows us to offer a wide range of repairs that we can perform.

We use high-quality spare parts, which you can find in our online store, We provide a lifetime warranty on most spare parts.

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iSwap Repair Point

IČ: 01028359

U Vokovické školy 299/4, Praha, 160 00

+420 773 118 472


Reliability, willingness, and superb customer service approach. Repair solutions always communicated in advance. Complete satisfaction.

Antonín Prchal

The repair of my device was carried out quickly and with a smile. I was very pleased with the friendliness and willingness of the staff who helped me resolve the issue.

Karolína Marešová

At iSwap Repair Point, they can handle even the most challenging cases! In other service centers, I was turned away with a diagnosis of "motherboard fault." Here, the issue was resolved without any problems.

Jakub Štěpán